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Bill Tracker

This bill, introduced by the Board of Pharmacy, includes a reduction in requirements for opioid treatment centers which will hopefully lead to more availability of treatment. This bill passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee with a do pass recommendation.

Representative Perry introduced H354 which will allow for opioid antagonists to be reported to the PMP. This could increase co-prescribing opportunities for naloxone. The bill was passed unanimously on the house floor and will go to the Senate.  The bill made it through the Senate Health and Welfare committee with a due pass recommendation and is on the Third Reading calendar on in the Senate for February 12th.  The Senate passed the bill unanimously!  The bill now goes to the House.   

Representative Moon is introducing H410 which will make Cannabidiol oil legal for use and possession in the state of Idaho. The bill will be heard in the House Health and Welfare committee.  This bill was pulled.

Amends existing law to revise current law in several regards for civil asset forfeiture use pertaining to controlled substances.  The bill was printed and referred to the Judiciary, Rules & Administration.

Amends existing law to provide a penalty for possession of marijuana in a certain amount.   The bill was printed and referred to the Judiciary, Rules & Administration. 

This bill introduced by the Idaho Physical Therapy Association would add dry needling to the Physical Therapy Practice Act. Dry needling can be used in combination with other physical therapy approaches to manage neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. The bill will be heard on Monday, February 19th in the House Health and Welfare Committee.

H576 Limited Use Immunity

This legislation introduced by Representative Sue Chew intends to provide limited immunity for persons who act in food faith seeking emergency medical assistance for controlled substance use.

 H577 Cannabidiol Oil 

Adds to existing law to provide an exemption for lawful use and possession of cannabidiol oil.  This bill was introduced, read for first time and was referred to Judiciary, Rules & Administration for printing.

Amends Idaho law to change the legal age of tobacco possession from 18 to 21.  This bill was printed and was referred to State Affairs.