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Curious about Idaho's controlled substance (CS) prescribing rates? Want to know which Counties are prescribing the most CS? Click here to see the Idaho Board of Pharmacy Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Data Dashboard.

Research has found that family dinners reduce youth substance misuse, teen pregnancy, and depression, and improve self-esteem, resilience, and academic performance.
Check out to find recipes, games, & conversation starters your whole family will enjoy!

Check out the great resources compiled by the @MeridianMADC at
Including the flyer they made for the new 2020 documentary, Smokescreen

Check out the Rural Community Toolbox: a one-stop-shop for those seeking help in building strong, healthy, drug-free communities
Recently released by the @USDA, @ONDCP, and the Rural Opioid Federal Interagency Working Group.

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