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Statute and Mission

The purpose of the Office is to coordinate policy and programs related to drug and substance abuse.

The Office of Drug Policy (ODP) was established by HB 106 (Idaho Code 67-821).


The Idaho Office of Drug Policy leads Idaho’s substance use and misuse policy and prevention efforts by developing and implementing strategic action plans and collaborative partnerships to reduce drug use and related consequences.


The Idaho Office of Drug Policy envisions a safe and healthy Idaho free from the devastating impact of substance use on youths, families, and communities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

“Coordination of policy and programs related to drug and substance abuse.

  1. There is hereby established in the office of the governor the Office of Drug Policy. The administrator of the office of drug policy shall be the official in the state designated to oversee and execute the coordination of all drug and substance abuse programs within the state of Idaho. The administrator shall be appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor, and shall be subject to confirmation by the state senate.
  2. The Office of Drug Policy shall:
    1. Cooperate and consult with counties, cities and local law enforcement on programs, policies and issues in combating Idaho’s illegal drug and substance abuse problem;
    2. Serve as a repository of agreements, contracts and plans concerning programs for combating illegal drug and substance abuse from community organizations and other relevant local, state and federal agencies and shall facilitate the exchange of this information and data with relevant interstate and intrastate entities;
    3. Provide input and comment on community, tribal and federal plans, agreements and policies relating to illegal drug and substance abuse; and
    4. Coordinate public and private entities to develop, create and promote statewide campaigns to reduce or eliminate substance abuse.”
Idaho State Statute 67-821
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