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COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges for Idaho families. School closures, loss of childcare, employment instability, and increased fear for our health and safety are just a few of the stressors impacting parents.

Research has found that parental factors can influence the risk of depression and anxiety in children[1], and that family involvement can help children build the core competencies that are believed to reduce substance use later in adolescence[2]. ODP partnered with the Boise State University Institute for the Study of Behavioral Health and Addiction to create the COVID-19 and Beyond series to provide information and tools to support parents and families as they navigate the ongoing pandemic. Resources include:

Tips for Parents

Video presentations that share tips and activities parents can do with their child to support social-emotional wellness, brain-based wellness, and self-care. Click here to watch the presentations and find printable companion handouts here.

Educational Presentations

Video presentations covering topics including G-R-E-A-T Principles for Structuring Time at Home with Kids, Bullying and Cyberbullying Basics for Parents, and Stress and Substance Use. Click here to watch the presentations and find printable companion handouts here.

Youth Activity Sheets

Printable activities that offer social/emotional games, materials, and activity ideas for families to use at home.

  • Name It to Tame It – Taking time to identify their emotions can help your child feel calmer
  • Wheel of Boredom – Take a spin to direct to a new activity when your child is bored
  • Belly Breathing – Help your child relax with this simple exercise
  • Gratitude Board – Focusing on what your child is grateful for can help them feel more positive
  • Kindness Challenge – This sheet encourages your child to practice kindness during the week
  • Positive Rocks – Decorating rocks for our neighbors and helpers is a fun way to share happiness
  • Mindfulness with Animals – Use cute critters to practice mindfulness with younger children
  • Mandala Art – Invite your child to create their own symbolic work of art
  • 5 Senses & Feeling Calm – This activity helps your child recall a comforting memory when they’re feeling anxious
  • Cartoon Adventure – Encourage your child to think of a story and draw it
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – Get outside for a fun scavenger hunt for the entire family
  • Your Story – In this activity, your child will answer questions about themselves and then share it with the family


For more information about ODPs projects and prevention efforts, contact Jessie Dexter at

Production of the COVID-19 and Beyond series was supported by SAMHSA Substance Abuse Block Grant funds.

[1] Yap, M., Morgan, A., Cairns, K., Jorm, A., Hetrick, S., & Merry, S. (2016). Parents in prevention: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of parenting interventions to prevent internalizing problems in children from birth to age 18. Clinical Psychology Review, 50, pgs. 138-158.

[2] Haegerich, A., Tolan, P. (2008). Core competencies and the prevention of adolescent substance use. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 122, pgs. 47-60.

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