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Prescription Drug Take-back Program

Take-back days and prescription medication drop boxes are important in curtailing the abuse of prescription medication by reducing access to unused, unwanted or expired medications. If you missed your local drug take-back day and need to dispose of prescription medications, find a drop box near you. If you do not see a local drop-off location listed below for your county, call your local police department or sheriff’s office. Some departments will informally accept your unused and expired medications. Sharps, IV tubing, and infectious waste are not accepted.

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Keeping Old Medications Increases Access & Potential for Misuse

dispose of expired Rx

Dispose of your unused or expired medications at a local drop-off location or by the FDA guidelines.

National Results from the DEA:

National Results – April 27, 2019

  • National Law Enforcement Participation: 4,896
  • Total Collection Sites: 6,174
  • Total Weight of Drugs Collected: 882,919 lbs. (441.5 Tons)

Idaho Results:

  • Law Enforcement Participation for Idaho: 36
  • Total Collection Sites: 38
  • Total Weight of Drugs collected in Idaho: 5,402 lbs.

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